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An online journal dedicated to all things marketing, strategy, and building the biz & life of your dreams.


Client's Case Study Elite Athlete: 12 weeks coaching programme Olympics preparation.

Oct 29, 2023
Adil GANDOU of France (Triple Jump) during the France Elite indoor championships on March 1, 2020 in Lievin, France. (Photo by Aude Alcover/Icon Sport via Getty Images)

A shared mission for high-level athletes drives Adil Gandou: “Increase his physical performance to give the best of himself in competition and win”.

Although this goal has resonated with training and results, Adil, after numerous injuries, wanted to go beyond physical therapy sessions. He tried to deeply understand how to strengthen his body through nutrition and accelerate his recovery stages.

Here is how I put nutrition at the centre of his mission and proved its impact on his performance.

Adil didn’t just want to increase his performance by strengthening his body; he also wanted to find the support that would fit his life and constraints. He trained 21 hours a week and worked 36 hours at night. Also, the competition preparations could take place in several different countries where there was not necessarily the same food as in France.

So how could I take him to the next level thanks to the food while adapting to its constraints?

A very good medical team surrounds the top athletes very well. However, outside the medical field, these sportsmen and sportswomen are sometimes a financial source for the food supplement industries, which sometimes advise them to take a lot of food supplements and to enter into partnerships.

I had to find a way to reduce his dietary supplements intake by explaining to him the harmful effects and the greater impact that food has on his body and his performance. For all sportsmen and women, the result is the ultimate proof. The idea of getting involved in his nutritional programme would speak to him more if he noticed a positive difference during training.

So I created a food program based on an accurate analysis of his lifestyle, symptoms, athletic performance and mental state. Adil is a jumper; throughout the preparation period, he can not lose or gain too much weight so that his joints and jumps would not be impacted. His mentality and reactivity on the start line were also at the centre of my support as every second count in competition.

Nothing was left to chance, and I kept track of every difference in performance. Adil had very little time, so we focused more on the super foods that were quick and easy to cook than on the quantity of food as he didn’t need to have a full belly while ensuring his nutritional intake.. Every nutrient he needed was justified and explained.

The sports coach quickly saw a difference in Adil’s performance as he was breaking his training records and recovering faster. He no longer had cramps and muscle pain.

During these trips abroad, I made sure that I kept up to date with the foods and specialities available locally to stick to his programme while enjoying other types of food.

After 12 weeks of coaching, this is how Adil talks about the programme:

What is your situation?
“– In a relationship

– High-level sport (Athletics)

– Daily training at INSEP (the National Institute of Sport, Expertise, and Performance)

– Logistics Manager

– 36 hours per week and 21 hours of training.”

What are the main problems you were experiencing daily before this programme?
“For several years, I was prone to injuries, despite the rigorous monitoring of the medical staff. After several collaborations with different nutritionists, I managed to find the programme that suits me best.“

What positive changes have you seen as a result of this programme?
“There have been a lot of positive changes:

– First of all, I was no longer prone to injuries.

– My performance was much better and above all, more stable.

– My recovery capacity has dramatically increased.

– Sleep phases were more effective.“

How is this service different from anything you’ve tried so far, and why would you recommend it?
“After having worked with several nutritionists, Dounya Adman was able to answer the following questions fully to my requirements by his availability, his commitment which was more than as well as food but also mental. She was able to adapt my preparation to my sports trips abroad. Dounya Adman was there for me when I was going through moments of weakness.“

Adil Gandou, (2019, unfortunetely due to the covid 19 the olympics was cancelled)

Nutrition in top-level sport must be as important as having a good physiotherapist. Above all, it is a multidisciplinary approach. A sportsman or sportswoman is not necessarily a failure when his or her performance drops. There may be nutritional reasons and other lifestyle problems involved.

Getting into people’s lives to transform their physical and mental state (food impacts your brain more than you think) compassionately is a passion. If you feel you that you need this type of support, feel free to book a Free Discovery Call


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